Lord Mayor’s Biography

Councillor Malcolm KennedyCouncillor Malcolm Kennedy was born in Gateshead, then situated in County Durham. He moved to Liverpool in 1974 to train as a teacher in Huyton. He taught for several years employed by Knowsley Education Authority while living with his first wife and sons Robert and Alan in Kensington and then in Tuebrook.

Councillor Kennedy’s two sons were both born in Mill Road Hospital and have both made their lives in Liverpool. Robert is very active in his Kensington Neighbourhood and helped found the local cricket club which plays in Newsham Park. Alan and his wife Jenna live in Fazakerley with their two children, Susie and Sophie, whom Councillor Kennedy describes, like most grandparents, “as the most beautiful and smartest children you could ever meet.”

Councillor Kennedy has had a varied career moving on from teaching to work first as a financial advisor and then full time with the Co-operative Movement as a political organiser covering the North West and Yorkshire. He moved on from that position to work as a Regeneration Officer with the North West Development Agency and finished his time there as a Member of the Social Inclusion Team. He took early retirement from that position when the organisation was abolished after 2010.

Councillor Kennedy was first elected to Liverpool City Council for the Vauxhall Ward (now Kirkdale) in 1998. Until 2010 he was the opposition spokesperson on Regeneration and in 2010 was chosen by the Council Leader as Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Transport. He has been proud to serve in an administration that has overseen record levels of development and change.

The Lady Mayoress of Liverpool is Mrs Liliana Kennedy.

Councillor Kennedy first met Liliana Herescu in her adopted home city of Madrid, Spain and they married in 2012. Liliana admits “to being in awe of the responsibility but is looking forward to assisting Councillor Kennedy to fulfil his duties.”

Liliana was born in Bucharest and graduated from the University of Bucharest in economics.  She worked in government positions most notably as the Manager of the Romanian National Airline Office in Madrid. She fell in love with the English language because of her marvellous teacher at High School and speaks fluent Spanish and English in addition to her native tongue. Her son Victor, has a Masters Degree in International Relations which is very appropriate considering. Victor also has a degree in Law and Politics.

It is not surprising that as the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress have friends and family around the globe, travelling is a great passion of theirs. They were married in Spain and have family members living in several different countries.

“Our wedding was a real international event as they say, and visitors arrived from the USA, England, Brazil, Spain and Romania. Keeping in touch is a challenge and we try and visit our friends. Meeting my wife Liliana opened a window to a different world, different cultures and wonderful friends.”

As can be seen from the photographs, The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress are very fond of their beloved German Shepherd, Sheba. Both the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress love music and their tastes are as eclectic and as international as their family links.

“It was my passion for the Beatles that brought me to Liverpool in the first place” admits the Lord Mayor, “but I now know a lot more about Spanish and Romanian music than I ever thought possible. I am so glad I came to Liverpool as a young student and even more glad that I stayed. I am as proud as any Liverpudlian to say I come from Liverpool.”