The Lord Mayor’s Charity Appeal

Councillor Brennan looks forward to raising essential funds for these important charities to raise the profile of all the excellent work they do.

“Having worked in the charitable and voluntary sector over many years, I know personally the vital role charities play in the life and life experiences of many people across our city. There are so many valuable and deserving charities in our city making a difference. The three charities I have chosen to support this year are very dear and close to my heart and I hope I can, with your help, help them to make a difference in our communities”.

Wah Sing Chinese Community Centre

Wah Sing Chinese Community Centre was formed in 1965, and has been based at 149 Duke Street, in the Chinatown Area of Liverpool, ever since. It has been run and maintained by a group of directed volunteers and is a well-respected and established organisation in Liverpool with strong links to other major Chinese communities in the UK and Europe.

The aim is to provide a place in Liverpool China Town to
promote Chinese Culture, education, cultural and recreation activities. At the moment, within this four stories building, they have a Chinese Sunday School, where nearly 270 pupils can learn Mandarin and Cantonese. They have a group of children and housewives who practise Traditional Chinese Dances, to keep up the cultural experiences. A group of directed Cantonese opera singers and musicians use the centre to practice on a weekly basis. The Liverpool Chinatown Photographic Society use the centre for their monthly meetings. The Centre also hosts large functions and events to celebrate cultural festivals and provides meeting facilities for other external groups. They also arrange annual outings, and many cultural visits and exchanges with other communities, and charities, such as the Lord Mayor’s Charity Appeal.

The Anthony Walker Foundation

The Anthony Walker Foundation (AWF) is a local charity established in the aftermath of the racist killing of 18 year old Anthony in 2005.

AWF’s purpose is to promote racial harmony through education,
arts and sports, promoting the celebration of diversity and personal integrity, and the realisation of the potential of all young people.

Services provided include directly supporting anyone experiencing any form
of (actual or perception) hate crime and the delivery of educational workshops to challenge prejudice and discrimination contributing to building safer, stronger, cohesive communities. AWF also works in local communities to raise understanding that hate crime in any form is not acceptable, should not be tolerated and should always be reported.

AWF actively contributes to local partnership groups promoting a joint-agency approach ensuring best practice and knowledge can be shared resulting in improved services for individuals, families and communities.

The Foundation strives to do its utmost to ensure another life is not lost needlessly because of prejudice, discrimination and hatred based on difference but instead encourage respect, appreciation of difference and valuing diversity.

Transforming Choice

Transforming Choice creates an environment where those who are alcohol dependent can change their lifestyles – individuals who are often leading chaotic lives.

Transforming Choice provides an alcohol detox and rehabilitation residential programme taking place over a twelve week period, the only service in Liverpool that provides a seamless transition from detox to rehabilitation on the same site. The detox lasts between 5 and 7 days.

The programme includes classes focusing on how to change habitual behaviour. When treatment starts the aftercare team begins to help the client explore accommodation.

Some clients are not ready for independent living and need a longer period of time with an element of support. They provide eight-bed transitional accommodation on site supported by the aftercare team.

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