Request the Lord Mayor’s attendance

What is Civic Protocol?

The Lord Mayor is the First Citizen of the City of Liverpool and it is therefore important that the holder of the post of Lord Mayor is treated with respect at all times. This guide explains the procedures that should be followed in the City when the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress/Consort are attending public functions. If you have any further questions once you’ve read this information, the Lord Mayor’s office will be pleased to help answer them so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Inviting the Lord Mayor to an event

To invite the Lord Mayor of Liverpool or the Deputy Lord Mayor to your event, please give as much information as possible including the event details, timings, and the expected role of the Lord Mayor.

Please fill in the form regarding your invitation.

or by post;

Lord Mayor’s Office
Liverpool Town Hall,
High Street,
L2 3SW

When will you let me know?

The Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor have regular meetings to review and consider all invitations.

We will let you know by email, as soon as a decision has been made whether the Lord Mayor, or Deputy Lord Mayor is able to attend your event. Once approved you will be sent a questionnaire and risk assessment document to complete and return.
** Please note we require at least 10 days notice for event invitations.


Request the Lord Mayor's attendance
Event Contact's Name
Event Contact's Name
Does this invitation include the Consort or Lady Mayoress?
Please describe the appropriate dress for the occasion


When the Lord Mayor arrives

You should arrange for a named person to meet the Lord Mayor at the entrance to the building when he arrives. They should immediately take the Lord Mayor (and the Lady Mayoress/Consort, if he/she attends) to the President, Chairman or host of your event, and introduce them.

This should also happen when the Deputy Lord Mayor or a Deputy attends an event on the Lord Mayor’s behalf.

When the Lord Mayor enters an assembly (group of people gathered together), it is usual for everyone to stand up (rise).

When the Lord Mayor leaves

You should make sure that the Lord Mayor is able to leave your event at the agreed time. This is also the case if  the Lady Mayoress, Deputy Lord Mayor or a Deputy attending your event. When the Lord Mayor leaves, everyone should stand up (rise) from their seats.

Where the Lord Mayor should be seated

At meetings, unless the Lord Mayor is chairing them, he or she should be seated on the immediate right of the person presiding or hosting the event. This also applies to seating arrangements at lunches and dinners.


At meetings or social gatherings, the Lord Mayor should be the first speaker (this does not include any introduction by the Chair of the meeting)

Introducing The Lord Mayor (forms of address)

For formal announcements, the correct forms of address are:

  • The Lord Mayor only: “The Right Worshipful, The Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor…”
  • The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress: “The Lord Mayor and The Lady Mayoress of Liverpool, Councillor… and Mrs…”
  • The Lady Mayoress only: “The Lady Mayoress, Mrs…”
  • The Consort only: “The Consort, Mr…”
  • “The Deputy Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor ……”

These are also the descriptions for printed materials.

At other times

The usual verbal forms of address are:

  • The Lord Mayor only: “My Lord Mayor”
  • The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress: “Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress”
  • The Lady Mayoress only: “Lady Mayoress”
  • The Consort only: “Consort”
  • The Deputy Lord Mayor: “Deputy Lord Mayor”


The Lord Mayor/Deputy Lord Mayor must be acknowledged in preambles for any announcements or speeches. At events outside the Town Hall, the Lord-Lieutenant of Merseyside or High Sheriff  (if present) take precedence over the Lord Mayor.

If you require any further advice on matters of protocol please Contact Us.