Lord Mayor’s Charity Appeal

Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Cllr Anna Rothery, will be sponsoring four charities during her year in office, with the aim of raising funds whilst highlighting the excellent work that they do.

The Lord Mayor’s Charities are as follows:

The Anthony Walker Foundation

The Anthony Walker Foundation (AWF) is a local charity established in the aftermath of the racist killing of 18 year old Anthony in 2005. AWF promotes racial harmony through education, arts and sports, values diversity and personal integrity, and the realisation of the potential of all young people.

Services provided include supporting anyone experiencing any form of hate crime and the delivery of educational workshops to challenge prejudice and discrimination contributing to building safer, stronger, cohesive communities. Working in local communities we raise understanding that hate crime in any form is not acceptable, cannot be tolerated and should always be reported.

AWF actively contributes to local partnership groups promoting a joint-agency approach ensuring best practice and knowledge can be shared resulting in improved services. We do our utmost to ensure another life is not lost needlessly because of prejudice, discrimination and hatred based on difference but instead encourages respect, appreciation of difference and valuing diversity.

For more information, please visit anthonywalkerfoundation.com.

Amadudu Women’s Refuge

Amadudu is a trailblazing Refuge set up in 1991 in Liverpool to provide temporary accommodation and a range of services to meet the holistic needs of women and children fleeing Domestic Violence. The organisation management, staff, and volunteers are representative of diverse communities. We are a specialist service in Merseyside prioritising the needs of Black and Racial Minority women (not exclusively). We provide family support, health and wellbeing activities, childcare and educational opportunities before families resettle into new homes. We work to empower women to live happy and independent lives free from violence and abuse.

Amadudu have expertise in supporting women with complex issues such as women fleeing forced marriage and honour based crime and family relationship abuse. We have key roles in the shaping and delivery of Liverpool strategies of Violence against Women and Girls, and campaigning nationally for justice for women and prevention of abuse.

For more information, please visit thelivewelldirectory.com.

Liverpool City Region Pride Foundation

The LCR Pride Foundation aims to position the Liverpool City Region as the most LGBT+ friendly region in the UK. They do this by highlighting the daily barriers that LGBT+ people living in and visiting the region face, and by creating an inclusive culture where people feel they can fully participate and contribute. Utilising the reach of their flagship event, Pride In Liverpool, the foundation is working across the region to extend the message of Pride, beyond the annual event and into wider communities through awareness campaigns, events and influencing policy.

The foundation has an ambitious plan to work across the city region over the next 12 months, building to their bid to host the international Gay Games in the region in 2026. Already in their first year they have worked with over 300 partner organisations and have already started working within the six boroughs to spread their ethos of collaboration. This year’s Pride in Liverpool march had it’s largest attendance with over 12,000 people taking to the streets.

Together, with the Lord Mayor, the organisation is looking forward to amplifying our message further and working to support and celebrate communities that do not typically feel represented by Pride, particularly Trans, Bi and BAME members of the LGBT+ community.

For more information, please visit lcrpride.co.uk.

Merseyside Somali Association

Merseyside Somali and Community Association was established over 40 years ago by Somali seamen to address their needs in areas of employment, social, housing and health needs. Over the years the organisation has grown to become one the largest Somali community in the North West. For much of this time the need and impact of our services have been acknowledged by the city council and other regular funders through continuous grant investment. Essential services we deliver include:

• Welfare benefit advice and alleviation of financial hardship
• Housing advocacy
• Health and wellbeing awareness programmes
• Leisure and social activities
• English and educational programmes
• Employability and skills training programmes

We deliver services in direct response to expressed need and demand from the community. Centre users and local residents talk to us about their needs and concerns. We check annually to ascertain whether we are up to speed with the wants needs and aspirations of our Services Users.

There is a large and growing sector of the community that relies on the services that MSCA offers. We provide a much-needed, vital lifeline for local people who would otherwise not have the support they need to deal with a growing range of issues and challenges they face on a daily basis. As well as the traditional client base of the Somali communities, over the last five years we have seen widened participation and take up of services and facilities from new communities such as Syrian, Sudanese, Libyan, EU citizens, Ethiopians, Eritrean and many other refugee communities.

Contact Merseyside Somali Association on 0151 727 3000.

More Information

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